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Types Of Marijuana And Cocaine Drug Detection

Marijuana and Cocaine are among the popular drugs abused in U.S. According to survey conducted by National Drug Control, more than 40% of high school students abused marijuana and more than 1.5 million high school students abused cocaine at least once in their lifetime. School children age 12 and older who abused Marijuana and Cocaine in any form are more than 25 million and 7 million respectively. So, these numbers increased the importance of drug detection of marijuana and cocaine among youngsters.

Drug detection types of Marijuana and Cocaine
Most of teenagers don’t abuse marijuana or cocaine but school children are going for the abusing of these drugs. So, different types of drug tests are used for testing these drugs depending upon the requirement. The following are the cutoff levels and detection periods of both drugs when using different types of drug testing.

Marijuana drug detection: Marijuana is usually smoked as cigarette. This drug can be detected from the following types of drug testing.

• Urine drug testing: This is the most commonly used test for detection of marijuana. Urinalysis is least expensive drug detection test and the results are known in minutes. Cutoff levels of marijuana as per SAMSHA in urine drug testing are 50ng/ml and 15ng/ml as per GC-MS method. Detection period of this drug, for single use is 2-3 days and for habitual use it is 12 weeks.

• Saliva drug testing: This is also known as oral fluid drug test and little expensive than urinalysis but less expensive then blood and hair drug testing. Cutoff levels of marijuana in saliva test are 50ng/ml and 15ng/ml for initial drug testing and confirmatory drug testing respectively. Detection period of marijuana drug abuse for both single use and habitual use is about 12-24 hrs.

• Hair drug testing: This is most expensive drug testing among other types and due this, it is not used commonly. 50ng/ml for initial drug testing and 15ng/ml for confirmatory drug testing are the cutoff levels of marijuana. Detection period of marijuana is up to 90 days from the day of drug consumption for both single and habitual use of the drug.

Cocaine drug testing: Cocaine is usually chewed as a chewing gum or smoked as a cigarette. Usually cocaine can be detected up to 90 days from the usage and detection period depends on the type of drug testing.

• Urine drug testing: Cutoff levels of cocaine as per SAMSHA for initial drug testing are 300ng/ml and 150ng/ml as per GC-MS method for confirmatory. Detection period of cocaine through urinalysis is 4-5days.

• Saliva drug testing: Cutoff levels of cocaine in saliva test are 300ng/ml and 150ng/ml for initial drug testing and confirmatory drug testing respectively. It is detected with in one day of consumption.

• Hair drug testing: Cutoff levels of cocaine in hair drug test are 300ng/ml for initial drug testing and 150ng/ml for confirmatory drug testing. Detection period of cocaine through hair drug testing is up to 90 days from the day of drug consumption.

With increase in use of Marijuana and Cocaine, concerns on health of abusers and effects on the society are growing. Parents should observe their children’s habits in order to reduce the usage of drugs. For tracing these two drugs one should select appropriate method of drug testing which gives actual and accurate test results.

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  Mr. Nate Rodnay is an online store offering drug testing and drug screening products in several formats including blood, urine and oral drug testing kits. offers FDA-approved urine drug testing kits as well as DOT-approved alcohol testing products. Some of the popular products are Saliva Drug Test, Breathalyzer Marijuana Drug Test Products.
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