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Three Ways To Raise A Smarter, Healthier, And Safer Baby

Becoming a new parent is one of the greatest joys in life. As parents, we want to teach them good eating habits, intellectual development, and always make sure they are safe. That’s the reason why it is vital to know about the three ways by which to give our babies the very best we have to offer. There are certain products and parenting best practices that can help. With the assistance of baby learning toys, a KitchenAid food processor, and an excellent baby car seat, our infants can develop into healthy adults.

A Great Baby Car Seat Will Keep Your Baby Safer On the Road

The National Transportation and Safety Administration reports that driving accidents are the number one cause of death in kids between the ages of 2 and 14 in this country. Many of these fatalities can be prevented with the proper use and installation of a car seat. Pick out a rear-facing seat that fits your infant up to 20 or 40 pounds and then take the seat to your city fire house so they can show you how to properly install it in your automobile. Over 90% of all car seats are set up improperly, a mistake that can lead to major so be sure you learn how to install it right! Then, you’ll need a booster seat, which is the last type of baby car seat that you’ll need until your child can use just the seat belt.

A KitchenAid Food Processor is the First Step to a Healthier Baby

The American Pediatric Association recommends that babies get a wide variety of fruits and vegetables as a part of their main solid food sources. Sure, buying pre-made baby food is convenient, but it can be expensive. Nonetheless, in today’s economy, pureeing your baby’s meals with a KitchenAid food processor is a great way to cut costs while serving your baby foods that are full of nutrients. Choose organic fruits and veggies whenever available and find bargains on these items in your weekly food sales ads. By choosing organic fruits and veggies, your baby will be consuming food that has absolutely no chemical pesticides. Several organic food organizations report that over time, exposure to pesticides in our food can develop into cancer.

Look for Learning Toys with a Good Reputation

Well-picked baby learning toys will provide your baby’s brain with stimulation it needs to help their actual brain development. As far as colors go, black and white are ideal for babies in the early phases of infancy (from around 1 to 2 months old). Squiggly lines, straight lines, and circles are all shapes for baby to observe and enable their mental development .

Coincidentally, science has shown that mobiles such as these stimulate brain waves in babies’ brains and lead to better brain development. For babies in the age range of 8 to 20 weeks, colors are now visible and they desire interactivity. Large books made of soft materials, big wooden blocks and puzzles, and activities such as plastic rungs with a hollow center that can stack on a central pole are all ideal types of baby educational toys.

By stimulating your child’s mental development with good educational toys, feeding them baby food from scratch, and properly installing a baby car seat, you’ll be giving them the very best care to get them started in life.
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About Author
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  Published Date - November 4 2009
  Total Views - 228
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  Mr. Fran Swift
Fran Swift writes about baby care and how to select and buy modern baby products, including baby car seats and baby strollers.
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