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The Secret Of Long High Spring To Promote Child

Weapon: spring to promote child and the secret

Body height and genetics, nutrition, exercise and other factors, in addition to genetic uncontrollable factors, the early spring season, we can master the four secret, let your baby grow up fast.

Tip: grab a diet

- Recommended four early spring growth of meal. "

The body is long depends largely on the development of human long bones, especially the tibia and fibula of the femur of the thigh and calf. The development of long bones to rely on organic matter formation and deposition of bone salt. Organic matter, the main ingredient is protein. The pelvis is the main component is calcium, phosphorus and small amounts of inorganic elements, such as potassium, magnesium, sodium, etc.. Therefore, in order that their children grow, the spring can provide more rich in protein and calcium, phosphorus composition of food, to create a good material conditions for the development of the child's long bones. The following meals available for parents to choose from:

★ liver eggs

50 g of fresh liver, a fresh egg, 100 grams of rice. Put the rice in the pot coming to bloom for the degree. The liver is made mashed with a little cooking oil to sizzling spare. The eggs made Danhua, together with the hot chicken livers into porridge, porridge-like, until the temperature, seasoning after eating, every other day.

★ egg gluten meal porridge

Fresh eggs, cooked to remove protein, leaving the yolk. The egg yolk and research fine, add the cooked rice gruel mix food, 1 or 2 times a day.

★ pig wave soup

Fresh pig spine 350 grams, 200 grams of spinach. Washed with water pig spine, cut it into the casserole, add the amount of water, first Wuhuo Simmer for two hours; then washed spinach into the soup and cook for 10 minutes, add seasoning. The Decoction eat spinach.

★ oyster broth

100 g fresh oyster meat, ginger and a little silk. Oyster meat into the casserole, plus ginger, a little silk, plus the amount of water into soup, simmer over medium heat, then add a small amount of seasoning to eat oyster, water boiling water until the temperature.

Tip: grab the sun

- 10:00 to 11:00 the morning sun is best

We often can see the the tanned Zhuangzhuang children rarely get sick but strong and tall, This is because the sun is a human growth and development is another important nutrient elements.

A substance called 7 - dehydrocholesterol under UV irradiation, the synthesis of vitamin D in human skin. Vitamin D can promote growth and bone calcification, and promote sound teeth, as well as to prevent the loss of amino acids through the kidneys. Ignore the sunlight, it will cause vitamin D deficiency, amino acids lost, the children would be difficult to grow taller.

★ shade of a tree under the sun

While the spring sun is not too violent, but parents with children often the sun still have to master the correct way. The child's skin is very delicate, vulnerable, and the sun is not a child in the sun to receive direct sunlight, with the baby to avoid the sun when you go to crowded place, and do not in the sun, so that children can be in the shade a.

★ length of time should be less to more

Spring baby sun the best time of 10:00 to 11:00. Sun the length of time should be less to more gradually to 30 minutes by 10 minutes. Need to be reminded that the sun finished the sun to pay.
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  Published Date - February 10 2012
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  Mrs. Lucya Meng
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