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The Importance Of Ergonomics In Control Room Design

A properly designed control room is one that promotes interaction between individuals and enables them move unobstructed throughout the environment while doing their jobs. This means that space planning takes on added importance and is a primary element of the initial design phase. An evaluation of work processes and an understanding of the work being performed are also critical to space planning and the design of specialized furniture employed in these type facilities. The placement of operators in relation to large screen displays serving as monitoring tools is also important to the overall design and layout. An inadequate control room design runs counter to the operators’ ability to receive information and react to it in time to prevent potentially catastrophic injuries and property damage.

The importance of control room design applies to a variety of mission-critical applications such as military, traffic management, emergency operations, data management, security and emergency dispatch. Each is different in its own way, but the principles of ergonomics apply just the same.

The importance of ergonomics in control room design.

Ergonomics drives so much of what’s happening in a control room that it has to be addressed in detail during the initial design conversation. Prefabricated furniture for control rooms often doesn’t meet the ergonomic standards for many control rooms, thus furniture should be designed and manufactured to meet unique requirements. It’s better to build to what’s needed up-front rather than replacing the furniture after a problem is recognized. If operators show signs of discomfort and stress, then it could be the furniture and deserves an evaluation.

The ergonomic norm typically drives the furniture design while making allowance for the unique tasks being performed in individual control rooms. The shape and size of control room console are to a large degree driven by the equipment and storage requirements for the work being performed.

Why acquiring control room design services is a good idea.

Ultimately, the success of your operations depends on the effectiveness of the control room design and layout. This process doesn’t have to be complicated. You can engage the services of a consultant, architect or experienced furniture manufacturer that specializes in control room design and implementation. For projects that do not require on-site analysis of people and processes, an experienced control room furniture maker may be what you need. You can expect:

• Free initial design consultation and recommendations to get your project started, and to obtain cost estimates for your project

• Innovative ideas and technical support to move the project forward.

• Design solutions in AutoCAD form.

• Recommendations of sources such as architects, systems integrators, and construction companies

• Assistance in selecting the most appropriate video wall and control room console.

• Proposals and project execution.

Most leading control room design services firms in the US know of showrooms where their clients can evaluate modern control room furniture and video wall technology. That’s where ideas are discussed and decisions often made, which speed the overall control room design process. In conclusion, engaging a reputable consultant or designer-manufacturer can simply the process and save you time and money.
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  Published Date - May 4 2013
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  Mr. Jerry Herrington
The importance of control room design services applies to a variety of mission-critical applications such as military, traffic management, emergency operations, data management, security and emergency dispatch. Check out online for right dispatch console furniture and free needs analysis, space planning and cost estimate.
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