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The Hidden Secrets Behind The Perfect Skin Care Routine

There are many aspects one has to consider when working out ones skin care routine. I have to come to realise if I want a beautiful complexion, it’s all about been consistent with the right skin care and one has to use the correct skin care products and this also means that one has to change one’s lifestyle. Unfortunately no product treatment is instant, but if one is consistently constant – over a space of time you will see results. These results will give you hope to preserve. So what is skin care? What is each woman’s secret dream? To have the perfect, clear, soft and supple complexion. Unfortunately each one of us may be plagued with the sometimes dreaded genes of our forefathers or dare I say foremothers. Do not despair! Help is on the way.

Next we need to ascertain what our skin type is? Is it dry, oily, normal or a combination of all three? Consider your age. Get to know your local beauty store consultant and enquire if she can recommend an routine. See if she can provide a couple samples so you can experiment with before plunging off the edge into the wonderful world of skin care. This is an exciting time of searching the beauty counters looking for a solution to all your skin care problems. Once again a constant routine, the correct eating habits, absorbing all your essential vitamins such as C for collagen production, E for an anti-oxidant, A and Zinc for the production of collagen and elastin.

There are so many mind boggling skin care products out there in the market place. I have realised that one of the most important treatment is to cleanse your face first thing in the morning. There are a large range of cleansers ranging from your basic facial soap to facial wash. The facial soap would be for a more oily skin, while the more mature and dry skinned person would use the facial wash. From my own personal experience I have found by completing a questionnaire you will discover your skin type. Another very important aspect would be the season you are in. Then you can venture out there to start the skin care game!

The next stage on your quest for the perfect skin is a toner. Just a dunk of a cotton wool applicator into the toner will refresh and cool your skin. Finally the moisturizing is a very important function within your skin care routine. This function should be done twice a day and exfoliating once a week would serve as a buffing machine to help remove all those dead skin layers.
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  Published Date - October 17 2012
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  Mr. Claude Bernard
Claude Bernard has big experience as an author on the topic like business franchise. He contributes his knowledge on fashion and life style franchises. On demand of many web company like he justify his knowledge writing with valuable content.
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