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Successfully Weight Loss Surgery At Aastha Health Care, Mulund, Mumbai

Amit Lakhanpal, 27 yrs old patient weighing 202kgs gets operated successfully at Aastha Health Care, Mumbai. Amit Lakhanpal coincidentally is the first 200 kg patient ofMumbai to be operated for weight loss surgery (Bariatric Surgery) in 2012. The surgery was done by Dr Manish Motwani.
Amit Lakhanpal undergoes Obesity / weight loss surgery, Amit Lakhanpal, 27 yrs old married male patient, employed has finally got operated.
Amit had started having a very difficult daily routine. He used to have difficulty in walking short distances. He used to get breathless even with minor exertion. Amit was advised surgery when he approached Dr Manish Motwani 4 months back when he was weighing 198kgs. He then didnít have the finances set for himself and didnít follow up.
Amit is married, not having a child for obvious reasons. He was breathless. Strong family history of diabetes and hypertension. Amit himself was in a mild diabetic stage. Amit was hypertensive and could not even the minor day today work on his own. Amitís mom is also a diabetic, hypertensive and hugely obese weighing 110kgs. Amit was weighing 208kgs, underwent a lot of pre surgery investigations and high protein diet. Immediately before surgery, we could get him down to 202kgs. He was investigated thoroughly before surgery as we wanted to minimise the risks during surgery.
We were not able to get his proper cardiac evaluation done due to his Obesity. Routing pre surgery cardiac investigations like 2 D Echo, colour doppler and stress test were not possible in him.After a lot of discussions and deliberations between Surgeon Dr Manish Motwani, Intensivist, Anesthetist Dr Bhavesh Nanda, Endocrinologist, Chest physician and all the team members involved, we did a Coronary Angiography done for him to evaluate his cardiac status.FINALLY,
ON 7TH MARCH 2012, DR MANISH MOTWANI OPERATED MR AMIT LAKHANPAL FOR LAPAROSCOPIC SLEEVE GASTRECTOMY (A LAPAROSCOPIC WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY) AT AASTHA HEALTH CARE, MULUND. Amit would lose around 10-18kgs in the first month itself. He would lose weight gradually and in about 12-15months would come down by atlas 80-100kgs. Amit has a good height and so even if he reaches a weight of 95-100kgs

A Clinic For Laparoscopic Surgery

Respect has always been an integral part of the Indian soul. But with the changing times, we have lost touch with the hospitality we were famous for. This has inspired us to make an effort to make it a part of us again by setting new standards in Indian hospitality in the arena of modern health care and research. And this is how we found of what we truly believe in and made it our mission:
ĒOur patient is blessed. Our visitor is God.Ē

This has been the motivation and laid the foundation for Aastha Health Care Ltd. We believe that any injury or sickness is not always what it projects from the outside. The true feeling can only be felt by the people actually going through it. Ask any frightened child in a hospital, a sick elderly or an accident / trauma victim Ė nothing is more reassuring than the comforting touch of an expertís hand and the warmth in his voice, especially when that expert is able to see through their souls.

Integrating the latest and most superior technology from the west and warmth from the heart, Aastha Health Care is a multi-specialty and state of the art healthcare center providing the widest range of services under one roof. It is designed to advocate and ensure speedy recovery of our patients as well as complete comfort of its guests and relatives.
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  Published Date - April 5 2012
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  Miss. Jenny Leous
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