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  • Identity and Access Management Solutions -Securing Corporate Data
  • [2012-09-11 ]
    Technological innovation over the years have led business enterprises move towards solutions which are scalable, provide anytime anywhere access and faster to deploy.... Read More...
  • Why Companies Need To Invest In IAM Solutions?
  • [2012-09-11 ]
    It also aims at reducing expenses, repetitive risks, expenses and other allied hazards.... Read More...
  • Stand the Test of Time with Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  • [2012-09-11 ]
    In today’s volatile business environment, anything can happen at any time. ... Read More...
  • Cloud Computing Security Tips for Small Businesses - What you must know
  • [2012-09-11 ]
    As a business grows their data storage needs grow. Backups of business information for disaster recovery are essential and, storage of backups off site can be challenging for small business.... Read More...
  • Effective way To Recover Lost Data
  • [2012-09-11 ]
    Did you forget to save your files after several hours hard work and regret for a long time? Did you lose all of your data because someone steals your MacBook? Or did you delete something off your MacBook, and then realize you deleted the wrong item suddenly? This happened to most of us, and many people want to find an effective solution to recover the accidentally deleted or lost data on our Mac computer.... Read More...
  • Integrated IT Compliance Solution for Advanced Security and IT GRC
  • [2012-09-09 ]
    In today’s digital world, ensuring information security is highly important.... Read More...
  • Leverage the Benefits of Enterprise Compliance Management Software
  • [2012-09-09 ]
    Technological advancement has led to confidential data and information being vulnerable to third party attacks, internal forgeries and other unwarranted threats. ... Read More...
  • Manage Your Enterprise Data with IBM Optim Solutions
  • [2012-09-09 ]
    With heavy volumes of data being generated every day, managing the flow, access, and security of data could be a big challenge for your enterprise.... Read More...
  • Introduction to Oracle E-Business Suite
  • [2012-09-07 ]
    Managing a business in this age of digitization and globalization is tougher than ever before.... Read More...
  • Seamless Global Collaboration with Application Lifecycle Management Solutions
  • [2012-09-07 ]
    Having the capacity to empower development-intensive companies implement and enforce best practices across the organization.... Read More...
  • Requirement Traceability Matrix Aids Distributed Software Development
  • [2012-09-07 ]
    The growth of technology has had a direct impact on the global expansion of large number of enterprises. ... Read More...
  • Secure Access Gateways-Ensuring Productivity in Mobile Environment
  • [2012-09-07 ]
    Technological innovation and the growing customer demands have led to a fast rate of change within the mobile computing sector.... Read More...
  • Why Do You Need A Software Change Management Program?
  • [2012-09-07 ]
    Software change manage is a crucial process for IT organizations. ... Read More...
  • Business Continuity Planning to Avoid Disruptions and Interruptions
  • [2012-09-07 ]
    Every enterprise face a number of disasters that ranges from minor to catastrophic. ... Read More...
  • Why Do You Need An Application Develivery Controller?
  • [2012-09-07 ]
    IT enterprises are constantly under pressure to offer efficient performing services at an inexpensive rate.... Read More...
  • Legal Billing Software Has It\'s Own Advantage
  • [2012-09-07 ]
    Presenting the legal billing software to make the procedure methodical and complete early. Billing is a very important & is a tedious process for a lawyer. Billing affair varies from firm to firm. ... Read More...
  • Benefits of Advanced Managed Print Solutions
  • [2012-09-07 ]
    By following so, some organizations often are surprised at the cost savings that they have in terms of better utilization of time and waste paper management.... Read More...
  • A Close Look at Green Datacenters
  • [2012-09-07 ]
    Unlike a normal data center, the construction and operation of a green datacenter include advanced strategies and technologies.... Read More...
  • Easy Ways to Go Public on Cloud
  • [2012-09-07 ]
    The most important ingredient for public cloud computing is a security model that allows reconciling scalability and multi-tenancy along with the trust requirement.... Read More...
  • Recent Trends in Data Center Management
  • [2012-09-04 ]
    The modern day data centers have undergone massive development and evolution over the past few years. They have cooled rooms storing multiple servers and much more. ... Read More...
  • Combating Cyber Threats with Information Security Solutions
  • [2012-09-04 ]
    The techno savvy environment that is prevalent in today\\\\\\\'s business world, demands a high level of security for the IT infrastructure and the digital data traversing through the corporate network.... Read More...
  • Online Document Storage For A Hassle Free Office
  • [2012-08-31 ]
    Office management can be the toughest management in the world. Having loads of files, documents, folders for individual transactions and so on, but all thanks to the online facility that this manageme... Read More...
  • Agile Methodologies for Distributed Software development
  • [2012-08-31 ]
    The techno savvy business today is largely dependent on a vast number of software applications which can be used over the web, shared over the corporate network.... Read More...
  • Benefits Of Software Development Life Cycle - SDLC Solutions
  • [2012-08-31 ]
    Today most companies have witnessed and realized the productive benefits of outsourcing. ... Read More...
  • RDP - Provides Extended Workstation with Enhanced Security
  • [2012-08-31 ]
    Mobility is the trend in today\\\\\\\'s business-centric enterprise. ... Read More...
  • Synchronize Software Development Activities with ALM
  • [2012-08-31 ]
    Software development lifecycle (SDLC) refers to the process of software development. ... Read More...
  • Mitigate Business Disruptions with Comprehensive Business Continuity Planning Solutions
  • [2012-08-31 ]
    Unanticipated business interruptions can be a huge hindrance in getting an employee to work.... Read More...
  • Operational Benefits OF BYOD Strategy
  • [2012-08-31 ]
    Enterprises are heavily investing in applications that are more useful for employees and can maximize their productivity and mobility.... Read More...
  • Advantages of Enterprise Data Management Solutions for Large Enterprises
  • [2012-08-29 ]
    Meaningful use of data is a prerequisite for a successful business. But not all businesses use data in a meaningful manner.... Read More...
  • Common Obstacles to R12 Upgrades
  • [2012-08-29 ]
    Organizations today work in a much more complex environment than ever before. Digitization and globalization have completely changed the way they operate.... Read More...
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