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  • Selection of ETL Tool
  • [2011-02-14 ]
    In general, the typical ETL tools are either geared towards having strong transformation capabilities or having strong cleansing capabilities, but they are seldom very strong in both.... Read More...
  • How to Avoid Mistakes While Conducting Internal Investigations
  • [2011-02-05 ]
    Whether a business is large, medium or small in size, internal investigations have become a growing fact of business life. ... Read More...
  • Agile processes can be used to do develop better products
  • [2011-02-05 ]
    By their nature, Agile processes are collaborative- they work well only when there is high degree of involvement between users and developers. ... Read More...
  • Advantages with demand forecasting
  • [2011-02-05 ]
    From the past few years it has been observed that most of the retailers are seeking a necessary help for a booming inventory management. In order to get success in any kind of retail business, you need to deal with the main problem of inventory and try to handle the obstacles in time.... Read More...
  • What Agile does and what it does not
  • [2011-02-05 ]
    In software jargon, we term Agile variously as a movement or philosophy and its interpretation has also been subjective.... Read More...
  • How To Face Challenges in Outsourced Product Development
  • [2011-02-01 ]
    The initial challenges which a company looking to outsource product development for the first time faces and tries to put to rest some of the myths associated with these challenges.... Read More...
  • Outsourced Product Development techniques - Myths and Realities..
  • [2011-02-01 ]
    Outsourcing software development has been in place for some time now, with companies having overcome the initial hiatus to embrace this new trend.... Read More...
  • The Outsourced Product Development Myths and Realities
  • [2011-02-01 ]
    Outsourcing software development has been in place for some time now, with companies having overcome the initial hiatus to embrace this new trend.... Read More...
  • Tips to Hiring the RIGHT Website Designer
  • [2011-01-28 ]
    Website Designer can efficiently web design for you if you will explain your requirement effectively. You have to inform them about general idea of its functionality... Read More...
  • An Easy Web Development Solution
  • [2011-01-28 ]
    For every website to be launched in a browser, one of the crucial and necessary step is to convert the PSD design into HTML.... Read More...
  • Up Close and Personal with Metadata Part II
  • [2011-01-27 ]
    Though metadata has been in existence for a long time, its significance in eDiscovery was realized only very recently.... Read More...
  • Demand for Diverse iPad apps and great opportunities in iPad Application Development
  • [2011-01-22 ]
    Apple has made a habit of delivering new gadgets that live up to the hype that propaganda and advertising creates. ... Read More...
  • Where Does Web Development Go Now?
  • [2011-01-20 ]
    A visually appealing site that is easy to navigate has always been the ultimate goal of website development teams... Read More...
  • How Does Electronic Discovery Tools Can Help Internal Investigations?
  • [2011-01-18 ]
    Did you know that an enterprise is as much at risk from insiders as from external threats?... Read More...
  • Custom Development using Joomla
  • [2011-01-15 ]
    Custom Development using Joomla makes the application flexible and scalable. There is limitless number of customizations that one can apply to a website in Joomla development.... Read More...
  • IPhone Development World of Fun Applications
  • [2011-01-15 ]
    iPhone development has turned into a world of fun applications. Today’s competition demands iPhone developers to develop custom applications for business. ... Read More...
  • Aobo Mac Keylogger-Facebook Child Controls
  • [2011-01-13 ]
    Nowadays, with computers in almost every household, children have instant access to thousands of people. There is a very real danger for kids befriending someone online as those people may turn out to... Read More...
  • Tips to Hire a Drupal Developer
  • [2011-01-12 ]
    To hire a Drupal developer certain key elements like scope of the project, budget and experience need to be kept in mind. It is also advisable to define the budget and look for offshore development ce... Read More...
  • How to be a Good Drupal Developer?
  • [2011-01-12 ]
    To be a good Drupal developer one needs to have in-depth knowledge and creativity. One also needs to have good marketing skills and the ability to meet strict deadlines. ... Read More...
  • Joomla SEO Tips
  • [2011-01-12 ]
    Joomla SEO tips can help Joomla developers to create search engine friendly website during the Joomla development phase itself. ... Read More...
  • Custom Software Development – The Basic Knowledge
  • [2011-01-09 ]
    A specialist custom software developer or custom software development company would first like to know everything about your business, target areas, and custom needs and then only will proceed to cust... Read More...
  • Ogdopus Home Delivery Software Enables Trouble Free Home Delivery Business
  • [2011-01-04 ]
    Ogdopus is home delivery software which helps in improving the reliability and efficiency of home delivery companies. The service or food delivery software of Ogdopus reduces the complex procedures in... Read More...
  • Injury Can Be Avoided For Free With iPad
  • [2011-01-03 ]
    The article talks in general about rnning injuries and why they are caused. It also explains how sports medicine applications for iPad can help in avoiding injuries.... Read More...
  • Rid Your Computer of the Google Redirect Virus
  • [2011-01-03 ]
    If you’ve noticed that your Google searches are being redirected to something that has nothing to do with where you’re trying to go, it’s possible that your computer has contracted the Google Redirect Virus. You may also have noticed that the page it takes you to is full of pornography, threatening messages, or pop-ups. This Trojan type virus is spreading like crazy and getting on everyone’s nerves.... Read More...
  • Ankle Problems Faced By Runners
  • [2010-12-27 ]
    Runners often have to face ankle injuries, the article describes how serous ankle injuries can be and how sports medicine applications can help.... Read More...
  • Raising Trends in eDiscovery Litigation
  • [2010-12-24 ]
    It has certainly been a while since eDiscovery has become an indispensable part of litigation.... Read More...
  • New Ideas in Web Application Development
  • [2010-12-24 ]
    Selecting the best development language to use in a particular situation can be a complicated task for application development teams and their managers because...... Read More...
  • Use website calculators to find the value of any site
  • [2010-12-24 ]
    There are two tools that you can find free on the internet these days, which will help you calculate the value of a website, giving you a better assessment of how much to pay or charge for a particular website.... Read More...
  • Making use of eDiscovery for Corporate Investigations
  • [2010-12-24 ]
    Even as corporations and government agencies struggle with digital investigations, the actual number of investigations increases by the minute.... Read More...
  • What is Electronic Discovery?
  • [2010-12-24 ]
    Though electronic discovery has become a fact of corporate life, it still seems to be an unknown realm for many seasoned and inexperienced litigators alike.... Read More...
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