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New Year Resolutions – The Fantasy, The Fact


As New Year draws closer, many of us feel the need to sit down and chalk out a list of New Year's resolutions. Come February and we find ourselves, once again, feeling guilty and beating ourselves up over how and why we have let ourselves slip back into our old habits and tendencies – this has been happening for hundreds of years to almost everyone.

But what is the truth about New Year's resolutions anyway? And why, despite of our apparently noble intentions, are we so addicted to chalking out a bunch of self-promises which crash land even before they get a chance to take off? What are the mechanics behind this phenomenon and what can we do about it? Here are the answers:

The flaw lies in the process itself – meaning that we start off the New Year usually with lofty goals of losing hundreds of pounds, quadrupling our incomes, bringing that miraculous spark back into our relationships and attaining Olympic emotional and psychological strength. While writing out these promises, we easily forget that we are, after all, human and that such gigantic change does not happen just because the year has rolled over.

Losing hundreds of pounds will require us to get up and get moving everyday, one day at a time (no matter what month and year it is). Quadrupling the all important income stream will require careful, slow, calculated and consistent steps in the right direction everyday – this requires brutal self discipline and a never-say-die attitude (regardless of the year and the month on our calendars). Similarity, getting relationships back on track is no exception – it's a consistent and never ending plugging away in the form of love, care, respect and truth - everyday, no exceptions.

New Year's resolutions seem to be like an unconquerable beast; and that is because the idea that New Years are supposed to bring big changes is untrue and impractical – you can't expect to go drunk on the night of December the 31st and then resolve to never drink again from the following morning onwards.

To reiterate: the concept of making huge life changes in one day is bound to fall flat because we are creatures of habits that are hard wired into our brains via complex neuro-associations – changing these habits take time, patience, fearlessness towards failing and a resolve which grows from strength to strength with each little internal and external win over old habits.

So what is the solution? Rather than going after many huge goals; consider chopping your goals into smaller weekly (or even daily) goals. Instead of just making your self a New Year wish list, consider devising a strategy with multiple plans, complimentary plans and backup plans. Instead of saying, "I will lose a hundred pounds"; make a resolution to simply get up from bed every morning for a ten minute walk.

Instead of saying, "I will improve my relationship with my wife"; consider saying, "I will start with sending her flowers every Monday morning". Instead of saying "I will create the next Google"; consider saying, "I will spend my weekends understanding the business, talking to the right people and coming up with unique and fresh business ideas".

Remember that great success in any aspect of life does not come instantly. Infact, being successful is not a destination; it is a direction towards which we consistently move in, without ever giving up or giving in.

Once you have mastered time, you will understand how true it is that most people overestimate what they can accomplish in a year - and underestimate what they can achieve in a decade! - Tony Robbins

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  Mr. Gregg Camp
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