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Mothers Can Conquer Belly Fat

New moms regularly struggle with the post pregnancy tummy bulge that accompanies giving birth. This is nothing new. However, there are a number of ways to burn belly fat without giving up precious time with your child. Exercises involving your new child can easily burn belly fat faster than traditional workout regimens and you won’t even have to find a babysitter.

Many mothers of newborn babies hate the idea of stepping away from their children long enough to complete a good workout. That doesn’t mean you can’t lose belly fat. By using your child as resistance weight, you can integrate them into your workout and give them a fun pastime, too.

Take the traditional sit-up exercise. Modified, you can actually make this old fashioned exercise more efficient by including your baby. Hold the baby on your chest while completing the same movements and you’ll find that it takes on a whole new meaning. Not only are you lifting additional weight, which will burn belly fat faster, but you’re forced to focus on form and slowing your movements. It is well documented that a slow, well performed muscle workout is far more effective in gaining muscle mass and burning fat.

There are a number of other floor exercises that can be easily adjusted to suit the needs of a newborn’s mother. Try holding your child to one side and bending down, slowly, towards your extended leg. This will target the sides of your core and help to burn belly fat that has accumulated on your sides and lower back. Continue to repeat this motion ten times on each side for starters and increase the repetitions as it becomes easier.

Another exercise that can be easily added to your motherhood repertoire is a modified version of the sit up. As before, holding your baby on your chest, lift your knees off of the ground and lift your upper body. This position, held steadily, will provide a great workout for beginners or those who’ve just endured a difficult birthing process. Those moving into the later stages may want to increase the difficulty. This can be easily achieved by rotating your knees to one side and your upper body to the other, all the while cradling your child against your chest. Continue to shift back and forth. You’ll be surprised at the amount of resistance added by the weight of your newborn and feel like you’ve achieved a huge workout benefit.

One final method in the arsenal of those who want to belly fat loss is the squat. This is a simple maneuver during which you hold the child against your chest and bend at the knees until they’ve reached a 90 degree angle, then rise to a standing position again. The simplicity of it will be quickly forgotten when you begin to feel the burn.

Using this method to lose belly fat has the added benefit of increasing difficulty as you begin to plateau. The resistance is always increasing because the weight of your child is constantly increasing. By the time your child is ready to attend school, you’ve got more than your original body back and you’ll finally have time to go to the gym.
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  Published Date - March 3 2012
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  Mr. David Jones is giving out superlative tips for belly fat .Find more information about belly fat, belly fat loss and burn belly fat faster.
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