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Make Your Hair Dandruff Free

By Ms. Gracen Zona  [ 528 Words ]

There are two main dandruff dilemmas. The first one of course effects the person who is experiencing it, or the parent or loved one of that person. Our first reaction is its cause, and maybe more importantly, how to get rid of it.

Dandruff is quite common–those flakes are simply dead skin cells created when the body’s natural shedding process becomes overactive. An overly oily scalp (seborrhea) is usually to blame. Less common is dandruff caused by the blocked oil glands of a very dry scalp, giving the hair a dull, lifeless appearance.

Because of this Jojoba readily penetrates your skin cell tissue and won't clog pores making it a first choice for use as a carrier oil for pure essential oils.

Fenugreek seeds have curative powers to reduce dandruff. They are softened in water and applied to the scalp every morning. After an hour or so, they are washed with soap nut. This keeps dandruff away and prevents falling hair.

Hair may begin to fall due to some disease or due to dandruff. Stress is also related with hair-fall, and so is advancing age. In fact, the biggest worry of people as they age is that they will lose their beautiful hair.

Most people associate dandruff with greasy hair, however, it is possible for the dandruff to cause your hair to become overly dry too. Luckily, whichever form of dandruff you do have, there is always a treatment available for it.

There are a lot of ways to treat dandruff. It can be controlled and prevented from increasing. External treatment includes using anti-dandruff shampoos or using anti-fungal shampoos. Nutritional dandruff treatment: Nutritional treatment includes eating good nutritious food. An intake of lot of liquids to keep your skin supple helps.

There are plenty of home remedies for dandruff: rubbing a cut onion on your head, massaging your scalp with three-day-old cheese, rinsing with vinegar. Garlic and oil of oregano are also excellent for fighting dandruff. Try using one of these shampoos daily until your dandruff is controlled, then cut back to two or three times a week.

Avoid heavy fatty foods like cheese, redmeats, dairy products, sugars, chocolates, nuts and seafood. It can sometimes be aggravated by allergies or particular foods that stress the liver. Diet should consist of 50-70 per cent raw foods and lots of water to detoxify the system. The most effective treatment is an anti-yeast shampoo containing ketoconazole.

Malassezia feeds on oils in your scalp. For that reason, having excessively oily skin and hair makes you more prone to dandruff. Head & Shoulders anti-dandruff shampoo containing active ingredient Zinc pyrithione.

My friend and fellow dandruff sufferer, Matthew, shared with me a resource that told me the real truth about dandruff! What causes it and how to cure it fast! Granted, I was a little skeptical but if you have suffered with dandruff as long as I have you'll try almost anything! The great thing about this cure is that it is quick, easy, very inexpensive, and most importantly, it really works!

About Author
- Read About beauty tips Also Read About dandruff treatment and tanning lotion

Author Biography Can be found Here - http://www.webzinearticles.com/author.php?mem_id=1060


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  Published Date - November 16 2009
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