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Is An HCG Diet As Safe As It Is Effective?

An HCG diet is one of the latest trends in a long line of 'lose weight fast' diet plans otherwise known as fad diets. Fad diets come and go as fast as, if not faster than, trends in the high fashion world. Why? Because most just do not work, or worse turn out to be dangerous, yet the parade continues, because people insist on trying for a quick and easy way to lose unwanted weight, rather than adhering to a healthy diet plan and exercise regiment.

The results obtained by users of HCG cannot be denied, but what are the side effects? In addition, is HCG really the cause of their weight loss? When exploring a new weight loss plan, it is always a good idea to understand both the benefits and the consequences of the program.

One of the first things to consider is how does the HCG diet help you lose weight? One of the recommendations of this program is to adopt a low calorie meal plan of about 500 calories per day while using the drug. That is one fourth or twenty five percent of the recommended caloric intake for an active adult. This pretty much automatically puts all sweets and high fatty foods on the do not eat list for the duration of the diet. Doing that on your own would you lose you weight. Additionally, such a low calorie diet does not allow enough calories for all basic nutrients to be taken into the body in a healthy way. It is fairly easy to recognize that this is not a healthy way to eat and by extension, probably not a healthy way to lose weight.

Starving yourself by cutting calories so drastically is going to cause you to lose weight whether or not you are using injections, pills, or drops. HCG seems mainly to play the role of easing hunger pains. However, aside from nutrients lost, people taking in so few calories will be prone to dizziness, fatigue, irritability, depression, mood swings, head aches, and a host of other minor symptoms that can leave them feeling miserable and dreadful.

Those that have used the HCG diet seem greatly pleased with it, and some have even used the HCG diet to transfer themselves to a healthier long term lifestyle including changes to what they eat, how much, and exercise. Weight loss is virtually assured, but the long term benefits and potentially hazardous side effects are unknown. For those people desperate to lose 30 pounds of weight or more, speak to a doctor, and do not make HCG your first choice as a method of HCG weight loss.

Always explore your options when choosing a weight loss plan like the HCG diet. This is a new drug that can have potentially damaging effects in the long run, though it may work very well for some people. Doing research on any substance can make for a better understanding, on the dieter's part, of the pros and cons of using chemical such as HCG for weight loss.
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  Published Date - February 3 2012
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  Mr. Michaell Waugh
More details about where can I buy HCG and HCG diet.
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