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How To Convert PDF To Excel On Mac

Many people who work on data for business or academic purpose would find many databases in companies and websites only export PDF files. A librarian would get some lists of the latest purchased books are in PDF. A student of economics major would find the data and materials he downloads from websites are in PDF. An accountant would be faced with a company annual financial report in PDF which he has to calculate and make use of to complete another report. It is an overwhelming workload to enter data one by one in each cell. In fact the best solution for these situations is to convert PDF to Excel. Mac users find it more difficult to make that goal, as most PDF to Excel converter can only run in Window OS, but AnyBizSoft PDF to Excel for Mac provides solutions for Mac users.

AnyBizSoft PDF to Excel for Mac is an easy-to-use application to convert PDF to Excel on Mac OS X. Just download and install it on your Mac. Launch the program and choose Evaluate to have a free trial of the program. Then follow the 3 simple steps below to convert PDF to Excel now:

Step 1 Import

Drag and drop PDF files into the panel, you can successfully import PDF files to convert. Also you can choose File-> Add PDF Files in menu in the upper-left corner to add PDF files for conversion. You can batch convert up to 50 PDF files at one time and you can convert encrypted PDFs as well.

Step 2 Customize (Optional)

To set the output folder for the converted Excel spreadsheet, choose File-> Output Settings-> Output Folder. The default option is to save the converted documents in the same folder as source files.

And choose File-> Output Settings-> File Configuration, or click on the gear icon beside the Excel icon in the line of the selected PDF file, you can customize the page ranges for the output file. The default options are All pages.

A highlighted function is that you can choose between two modes:

1. Retain original formatting of forms. Under this mode, the converter intelligently extracts each datum to each cell; it makes data computable numbers rather than symbols, and you can apply complicated formulas for calculation and insert charts and diagrams. Therefore, it practically facilitates further calculation and brings actual convenience to analysts and accounting professionals. This is the default mode.

2. Retain value without formatting. For example, the original table may contain 2 data in one cell, and the conversion would not change the format—two data are still in one cell after conversion. If you need the table how it was, choose this mode.

Step 3 Convert

After setting the output settings, click Convert button to convert PDF to Excel. The conversion will be finished in seconds. Then you can click on the Excel icon to open the converted file!

Three simple steps save tons of workload. Things are more than workload. To manually enter data inevitably brings about mistakes and omissions, but an automatic converter will not do that. Besides, you can refer to Benefits from PDF to Excel for Mac to get more information. Come on. Start to enjoy the surprises AnyBizSoft PDF to Excel Converter for Mac prepares for you!
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  Published Date - July 23 2010
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  Mr. Kaede Shawn
Neville Berger has five years in PDF field.You may have more information about AnyBizSoft PDF to Excel for mac by checking out the original post.
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