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How To Conduct Methamphetamine Test

By Mr. Williams Williamshernandezd@gmail.com  [ 606 Words ]

Methamphetamine is a strong additive drug that targets the Central Nervous System (CNS). It is also known by its street names like Meth, Speed, chalk, and ice. Use of methamphetamine causes release of neurotransmitter dopamine, which gives a feeling of sudden rush or euphoria, increased alertness, and hyperactivity.

The chronic use of methamphetamine results in irritability, insomnia, confusion, anxiety, delusions, and paranoia. Methamphetamine abuse can be detected by Urine, Hair, and Saliva drug testing methods. Urine drug testing is one of the most convenient, easy, reliable, and cost-effective methods to find Methamphetamine drug abuse in a person.

Specimen Collection and Storage
The urine specimen from the person should be collected in a clean, unbreakable container having no leaks. The specimen collection is an important process of Urine drug testing, as integrity of specimen is important for effective results. As there is risk of adulteration of samples, the collection of urine specimen should be done under supervision as it increases the integrity of samples.

Urine samples can be collected from any time of the day. Care should be taken that no solid particles should be present in samples. If some solid particles are visible then the specimen should be centrifuged and filtered to obtain clear specimen. Specimen can be stored at a temperature of 2-8 degree celsius for 48 hrs before testing. If the specimen has to be stored for longer duration, it can be stored below -20 degree Celsius temperature.

Directions for Use
Immunoassay (IA) technique is used for initial screening to detect methamphetamine in urine samples. The urine sample that has to be tested should initially be brought to the room temperature before testing. Once the sample is brought to room temperature, the test strip provided with the testing kit should be inserted in the urine sample in the container. The test strip should be inserted with arrows directing towards urine sample. The strip should be kept inserted for 15-20 seconds. Care must be taken that test strip should be dipped till maximum line only. Then the strip should be placed on a flat non-absorbent surface. The test result will be displayed in just 5 minutes.

How to Read the Results
The results are displayed on the test strips in the form of red or pink bands. The results are interpreted as negative, if one red line appears in Control region [C], and another red or pink line appears in Test region [T]. This indicates that methamphetamine level is found below detectable level of 1000 ng/ml. The shade of red in test region [T] may vary and results should be considered as negative even if faint pink line appears. The results are interpreted as positive, if one red line appears in Control region [C] and no line appears in Test region [T]. This indicates that concentration level is found more than 1000 ng/ml. The results are considered as invalid if no line appears in control region [C]. The result is also considered invalid if no line appears in both Control region [C] and Test region [T].

If invalid result is recorded, the testing should be done with new strip. The positive results are preliminary analytical result and advanced techniques like Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry can be used for confirmatory purposes.

A positive result cannot show level of concentration of drug and route of administration. While negative result indicates that drug is present below cut-off concentration but not a completely drug free urine.

The above information helps to check methamphetamine drug presence using urine drug testing method.

About Author
- DrugTestStrips.com is an online store offering drug test kit and Drug Screening Products in several formats including Blood, Urine and Oral drug testing kit. DrugTestStrips.com offers FDA-approved urine drug testing kit as well as DOT-approved alcohol testing products. Some of the popular products are Ovulation test, Marijuana drug test, Nicotine drug test.

Author Biography Can be found Here - http://www.webzinearticles.com/author.php?mem_id=826


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