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  • USB Extender USB Devices placed at remote locations from Host Computer
  • [2009-08-15 ]
    The distance barrier can now be overcome with the advent of a USB Extender. USB peripheral devices can be placed up to a distance of 150 feet ... Read More...
  • Audio Extender Stream audio and microphone long distances over Cat5 cable
  • [2009-08-14 ]
    An Audio Extender is used to extend stereo audio and microphone up to 300 meters away from the source system over Cat5e cables.... Read More...
  • VGA Switch Allows switching between multiple video sources
  • [2009-08-10 ]
    A VGA Switch can be used to switch video from multiple sources to one display device. The main advantage is that it eliminates the hassle of plugging and...... Read More...
  • USB Extender Overcome USB distance limitations with USB extension
  • [2009-08-11 ]
    The distance limitations of USB peripheral devices with USB cables can be eliminated with the help of a USB Extender....... Read More...
  • Things to Consider While Selecting a Barcode Printer
  • [2009-08-03 ]
    Barcode Automation systems enhance business productivity. These systems have successfully helped many small businesses, as well as large transportation.... Read More...
  • VGA Cable Enables High Resolution Video Extension
  • [2009-08-03 ]
    VGA cables are extension cables which transmit video signals between Pc’s or laptop and displays or projects.... Read More...
  • Revolutionizing the way HDTV is viewed simultaneously on multiple devices
  • [2009-07-30 ]
    A HDMI device can now be connected to the splitter and audio/video transmitted simultaneously across many HDTVs with HDMI cables... Read More...
  • Video Matrix Switch Route Your Video Smartly
  • [2009-07-23 ]
    A Video Matrix Switch is an amalgamation of a video splitter and a video switch which facilitates broadcasting of video output from multiple sources to multiple displays.... Read More...
  • DVI Splitter Amplifies DVI video and projects it on multiple DVI displays
  • [2009-07-16 ]
    Multiple DVI video displays can be connected to a single DVI video input using the DVI Splitter. This device acts as a signal amplifier that allows you to place..... Read More...
  • VGA Splitter Transmit the same VGA signal to multiple video display devices
  • [2009-07-16 ]
    With the help of a VGA Splitter, one VGA signal can be simultaneously transmitted to many display devices. In order to obtain the output on 90 or more monitors, these splitters can be cascaded togethe... Read More...
  • HDMI Splitter: Mirror Digital Video and Audio Signals to Multiple Displays
  • [2009-06-17 ]
    HDMI Splitter allows various HDMI displays to share one HDTV source and is a low cost solution to upgrade your existing video configurations. ... Read More...
  • VGA Extender Worthwhile for Transmitting High Quality Images or Video over Long Distances
  • [2009-06-16 ]
    VGA video can be transmitted using Cat5/5e/6 cables from a computer to a display placed up to 950 feet away with the help of VGA extenders.... Read More...
  • Various Uses of Automatic License Plate Reader and Facial Recognition
  • [2009-05-29 ]
    Face detection is used in combination with a facial recognition system. It is used in video surveillance and security systems.... Read More...
  • HDMI Switcher Created New Era in Video Switching Devices
  • [2009-05-27 ]
    HDMI switcher is a small box that allows you to connect multiple HDMI devices and then choose which of those signals to send to your TV through the HDMI output.... Read More...
  • 8 Day CCIE Routing and Switching Mock Lab Workshops
  • [2009-05-26 ]
    Cathay School is an innovative and successful CCIE Routing and Switching Training provider in China. We are a pioneer in establishing itself as the Global Hub for IT Training.... Read More...
  • VGA Splitter Transmit a Single VGA Image to Multiple VGA Display Devices
  • [2009-05-15 ]
    VGA splitter also known as vga monitor splitter is used to display the same image simultaneously on multiple monitors located throughout your facility.... Read More...
  • Video Switcher Allows Many Video Input Sources to Share a Single Display
  • [2009-05-08 ]
    Video switcher enables a user to select between several different video sources and its mail function to provide multiple video signal sources that can be share one display screen.... Read More...
  • KVM Switch an Inexpensive Option to Manage Multiple PCs with one Console
  • [2009-05-04 ]
    KVM Switches are beneficial in managing mulitple PC\'s. Using KVM Switch is a smart move for business owners as it consumes very less space, saves electricity.... Read More...
  • Video Splitter facilitates the display of one PC or alternative video sourc
  • [2009-05-02 ]
    Video Splitter facilitates the display of one PC or alternative video source and replicates the same image on multiple monitors.... Read More...
  • Rackmount Monitor Technically & Economically Beneficial
  • [2009-05-02 ]
    Rackmount monitors are considered to be really beneficial as they comes out to be a smart investment as compared to CRT monitors, when used for longer time period. ... Read More...
  • VGA Switch A Space Saving Solution for Monitoring Multiple Systems
  • [2009-04-23 ]
    VGA Switch enables switching video from multiple video sources to one display device.... Read More...
  • HDMI Splitter The latest in Audio & Video Connectors
  • [2009-04-18 ]
    The HDMI Splitter can be used to duplicate the signal from your cable box so you can watch it on two televisions or to split the cable and plug directly into both the television and the home theater.... Read More...
  • KVM Switch Better Efficiency & Saves you Money
  • [2009-04-16 ]
    KVM Switch stands for Keyboard, Video and Mouse Switch. Using a single KVM Switch we can control more than one computer.... Read More...
  • Dual Functional Remote KVM Switch: Portable and Scalable Device
  • [2009-03-20 ]
    Dual Functional Remote KVM Switch is the portable, scalable & most cost effective solution in the market to efficiently manage servers and network equipment in remote locations.... Read More...
  • USB KVM Switch Easy to Control DVI Enabled Computers
  • [2009-01-30 ]
    USB KVM Switch units are cascadable for control of up to 128 servers and have built in OSD and 8 character password protection.... Read More...
  • How To Choose The Best Blogging Site
  • [2009-01-22 ]
    Blogging is very popular today. The two main blogging platforms are blogger and Wordpress. The platform that will work best for you depends on many factors. Learning the advantages and disadvantages o... Read More...
  • Before Hiring Tech Support Check the Fine Print on the Computer Service
  • [2008-12-11 ]
    Today, the hub of the small business and home-based entrepreneur is the computer system and network. ... Read More...
  • Pacific Borescopes Advanced Technology for remote visual Inspection
  • [2008-11-27 ]
    Borescopes, videoscopes and borescope accessories are used for remote visual inspection of Aircraft, Turbines, Welds, Engines, Motors and Pipes... Read More...
  • Defrag Myths Everyone Should Know
  • [2008-10-22 ]
    There are many misconceptions about fragmentation which can lead to significant damage to computer systems and networks. These are some of the most common myths.... Read More...
  • Finding ROI from a Fully Automated Hands Free Solution
  • [2008-10-21 ]
    The typical state or local government organization is on a never ending IT budgetary ‘diet’.... Read More...
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