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Games For Road Trips

Road trips are great fun and a perfect opportunity for families to bond together, overcome difficulties together and make some great memories for themselves and their kids! But if your kids are still young, chances are, you may not be looking forward to hours in the car! The challenges of carrying their diapers, food, water, clothes, bibs, games etc. (depending on varying ages) are not very appealing and the constant "crying" may not be something you are looking forward to. But with the right support from your partner and some planning inadvance, can sail you through the hours in the car!

The challenge for some parents is to keep their child engaged and intrigued. Keeping the kid intrigued by the roads and the surrounding may be challenging beyond the first 30 minutes. Thus, keeping him/her engaged in games, books, music etc. is a great idea.Here are some fun games that you can play with your kids, pass some time in the car and also make some great memories!

• Do you remember the "name, place, animal, thing" game you played as a kid and had great fun doing so with your friends. Just grab some paper and pencils, decide on an alphabet and let your kid think of an animal, place, name and a thing starting from that alphabet. He/she will be forced to think and use his brains! It will not just be a great way to kill time but learning can also happen on the way

• 20 questions may be boring on a date but playing it on the road as a family may be interesting. Make your kid guess which animal or place you are thinking of by asking you 20 questions

• According to his/her age, challenge him with some oral math. Every kid loves challenges and quizzes. Make sure you reward him for every correct answer! The kid can improve his math skills and he will be engaged for the better part of the road trip - what else can you ask for

• How about bringing some color pencils, stencils, paper etc. for the kid to draw and play with. You and your partner can relax a little and enjoy yourselves when your kid is busy being a painter!

Kids can be engaged in their games and gaming console and can stay entertained if they are given the right props and games! There are various kinds of games available for kids, you can choose and Make sure you carry appropriate things with you so as to have a wonderful and peaceful journey!
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About Author
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  Published Date - August 10 2012
  Total Views - 111
  Total Votes - 1
  Average Rating - 3
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  Mr. Jammy Sharma
Writer provides a perfect guide about online baby games for parents who are worried about keeping their children happy during long hours in the car. He highly rates as a perfect online toy store for kids.
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