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Exploring The World Of Motorcycle Tires

Undoubtedly motorcycle tires are the most important part of any motorcycle. Being the only part that has contact with the ground, these tires are essential for the overall functioning as well as the running of the motorcycle. However, riding a motorcycle is not only about the motorcycle itself or the tires but also includes ensuring that you have the appropriate motorcycle gear that will aid in riding, which includes helmets like Shoei helmets, riding vests, pants, shoes etc. Whilst riding a motorcycle without the appropriate gear can be dangerous, it can be more so if you do not have the right kind of equipment in the motorcycle, especially the tires.

As mentioned above, it is important to have a good pair of tires on every motorcycle, which incidentally are different for the rear and the front. In other words, when looking for motorcycle tires, make sure you buy the appropriate one for the front and rear. This is largely because both tires perform different functions and hence have different uses. The front tire is more used for braking and giving direction to the motorcycle while the rear is more for acceleration and important for carrying the weight of the motorcycle. Hence when selecting tires for your motorcycle, ensure that you get the perfect tire for the front and rear to enhance the functioning and ensure your safety. It is also important to note that buying the wrong set of tires could lead to accidents whilst also causing damage to your motorcycle.

Most shops selling motorcycle gear also sell motorcycle tires, which makes it easy for you to buy both your Shoei helmets as well as your tires from a single shop. However, unlike your helmets, choosing tires requires understanding and intense scrutiny, given that these are the most important part of your motorcycle. There are several factors that should be considered while purchasing tires for your motorcycle.

Primarily, choosing a tire would depend on the type of motorcycle you own as well as the kind of riding you do. Given that tires for different motorcycles are different, it is important to match the tire with the motorcycle. It is important to note that most motorcycle gear shops ensure that the tread style of the tires, materials used, size of the tire as well as the tire bias all match the needs and requirements of the motorcycle in question.

Moreover, special uses should be considered when buying motorcycle tires. For example, if you were to ride extensively in wet areas, it is important to ensure that your chosen tires come with the special grip required for cruising wet roads. It is important to note that just as good tires are extremely important when riding on dangerous roads for the safety of the bike, wearing proper helmets like Shoei helmets will help prevent any untoward damage to self due to accidents.

Another important factor to be considered when buying motorcycle tires is the rubber compound, which incidentally is the most important part of tires. Rubber compound is available anywhere from soft compounds to hard ones, each having its own advantages and uses. Softer rubber compounds tend to stick to the ground and hence give a good grip while harder ones help the tires to last longer. The choice of rubber compound will depend on the type of motorcycle you use and your exact use for the same.

Just like any other motorcycle gear, including helmets like Shoei helmets, maintenance of motorcycle tires is extremely important and should be done regularly. Checking air pressure of both tires regularly is one way of ensuring longevity of these tires. It is important to ensure that the air pressure is according to the state of the roads and the weather at the time of riding. Wet roads or rains mean that the air pressure should be less while dry roads mean more pressure. Always ask your mechanic or the manufacturer about the correct air pressure that needs to be maintained and ensure that you maintain it.

Finally, like most motorcycle gear, motorcycle tires also require regular overhauling. Unlike your Shoei helmets, tires do not last forever and require to be changed every few years. When buying tires, it is important to ensure that you buy fresh ones that are recently manufactured. Never use tires lying in your home, even if they have been unused; especially if they have been lying in your home for a long time.
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  Mr. Martin Scorsese
Leatherup is a one stop shop for all kinds of quality motorcycle parts, including Motorcycle Jackets, Leather Vests, Gloves, Motorcycle Helmets like Shoei Helmets, Bell Helmets, motorcycle tires, motorcycle gear and Exhaust, all manufactured by leading brands.
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