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Enterprise Mobility Management


Enterprise mobility management is a set of people, processes and technology aimed at managing the increasing range of mobile, wireless networks, and such other services to facilitate better use of mobile computing in a business context. Enterprise mobility solutions are an up-and-coming discipline within the enterprise. It has become even more important over the past few years as more workers own smart phone devices and seeks help for using these devices in the workplace.
In 2009 and 2010, an invasion of high capability smart phones and similar handheld computers reached a keen marketplace. Sales of these devices were good and based on the strength of demand. More producers released even more devices on a variety of operating systems. Many consumers began searching for ideas to use their new devices to enhance and streamline work-related processes such as checking email. While employers generally understood that mobile email and other work processes would boost productivity and employee satisfaction, supporting a wide variety of device types and operating systems would be intricate, leading to security risks and high costs.
The cost, security risks and grave nature of mobility have greatly influence the minds of CIOs and the market has counter it by developing sophisticated systems designed to lessen the IT labor needed to support broad mobile device use in the enterprise. Systems like these are generally referred to as enterprise mobility management.
Enterprise mobility management has various dimensions including security, application management and financial management.
The security of mobile devices is of great concern as data on these devices are easily lost or stolen. When corporate data is accessible through a personal mobile device, organizations have very little control over who can access that data. Enterprise mobility management suggests systems to prevent unauthorized access to enterprise applications and corporate data on mobile devices. These can include password protection; encryption and remote wipe technology, which permits an administrator to delete all data from a misplaced device. Many systems have security policies that can be centrally managed and enforced.
Each device has unique management necessities and tasks often must be performed remotely, over the air. Enterprise mobility management systems generally offer middleware to automate management tasks and protect administrators from the complexity of performing tasks on many different types of devices. It also provides infrastructure to securely administer devices over the air. Self management portals, that facilitate users to download updates and applications on their own, are another common feature.
Enterprise mobility management mostly includes telecom expense management features that help organizations in planning for and control on the overall costs of mobile voice and data transmissions. Other tasks such as carrier contract negotiations, invoice processing and device requisition costs, when appropriate, can also be included.
The recent trend toward re-consolidation of mobility under IT management shows the emerging maturity of enterprise mobility as core infrastructure, essential to remaining competitive in today’s global economy. An Enterprise mobility solution is evolving as the vital tool for control of entire mobile life cycle.
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  Published Date - January 20 2012
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  Mr. James Tailor
James is a article writer who writes the article about enterprise solutions providers and enterprise mobility solution etc. know more about outsourcing software companies please visit
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