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Effective Tips And Machines For Hospital Infection Control

Hospital infection control is one of the paramount factors in the healthcare sector in this age of quick endemic outbreaks. The important thing to note here is that hospitals act as a medium of transfer for the microorganisms that cause many endemics.

It is a problem, as the people coming to get a cure for their disease are likely to catch another illness, which would be more severe than the original one. They, in turn, spread the disease further.
Therefore, hospital infection control is extremely important.

The following are some tips to choose the most suitable machine for hospital infection control.

High temperature output

For cleaning hospital floors, bathroom accessories, surgical equipment, and other hard surfaces in hospitals, both pressure washers and floor steamers can be used. Floor steamers, with their high output temperature, are the most suitable choice. High output temperature is essential for sanitizing any surface. Care should be taken while cleaning surfaces that can get harmed by excessive heat. In this case, use machines that have a low steam output.

Top models of vapor steamers provide an output temperature of up to 386°F. Many toxic substances and harmful microorganisms perish when subjected to such a high temperature output. Machines with high temperature output are essential for hospital infection control.

Specialized anti-bacterial technology

There is a limit up to which the output temperature can sanitize a surface, and there is a limit for increasing the output temperature too. It is better to look for other ways to remove the harmful microorganisms. Specialized anti bacterial steam cleaners are the best bet for hospital cleaning.

These professional steam cleaners are equipped with an anti-microbial technology. This technology can eliminate the commonly occurring disease-causing microorganisms selectively. A number of brands are, nowadays, offering anti bacterial steam cleaners.

How do you find genuine anti-bacterial steam cleaning machines? Steam cleaning machines with anti-bacterial technologies will be able to eliminate up to 99 percent of commonly found microorganisms.

Attached vacuum

Another important feature that should be available in professional steam cleaners used for hospital cleaning is attached vacuum. Commercial steam cleaner machines attached with vacuum extract the molten dirt residues created by the high output temperature. The higher the extraction capacity of the vacuum in the steam vacuum cleaner, the better it is for hospital cleaning.

Filters, too, play an important role in the cleaning and sanitization of hospitals and nursing homes. This is especially true in clinics where asthma and allergy patients are treated. Filters extract dirt from air and water.

A commercial steam cleaner having a HEPA filter is the best bet for such clinics. HEPA filters are specially designed filters that can extract dust particles of size as low as 3 microns. That means these steam vacuum cleaner machines can extract even very minute particles and provide relief to asthma and allergy patients.

You can also use steam pressure washers for the purpose. Many of the hot pressure wash systems can attain astounding pressure levels of up to 3000 psi.

Make it a point that you choose machines for eliminating hospital infection only from the most reputed brands. The best brands on the market offer the best machines, which in turn, produce the best cleaning results.
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  Published Date - January 8 2013
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  Ms. Lauren Zwiebel
Daimer®,, is a major supplier and worldwide exporter of steam cleaners/vapor steam cleaners. Source:
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