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Easy Backup Storage Management For Large/medium Range Customers With Quantum LTO Ultrium 5 Tape

The consumption pattern of people is changing regularly. Not too long ago people had different preferences when it came to shopping. Majority of the people preferred to visit the store physically, then to examine the product they were willing to purchase in person. The idea was to get a feel of the product, what it looks like, how does it feel, and how will it matches the need the consumer is experiencing. However, today, trends have changed dramatically. Nowadays more people like to sit at home, in the comfort of their lounge, enjoy a cup of coffee and make their purchases online while enjoying a cup of coffee.

This new shopping trend has changed the nature of business operations as well. Earlier businesses focused more on physical stores, but now they have to work on maintaining an effective website for their business. Since most of the business takes place on the internet there is a larger quantity of data that the business needs to process. For some large scale businesses this quantity of data is so high that just their basic computer system is no sufficient to handle the workload, they require an external support system. When one talks about supporting the computers of the business only one name strikes the mind and this Linear Tape Open technology. This is the most effective form of backup technology that was created by Seagate, IBM and Hewlett-Packard. One more brand that decided to join the crew and create its backup products was Quantum. The business community was not surprised to learn that Quantum is involved with such revolutionary technology because innovation is the “Unique Selling Point” of Quantum. When consumers all around the world purchase Quantum products, they know, they are indeed buying the most innovative products that are available in the industry and Quantum LTO5 tape is no different.

Quantum LTO ultrium 5 is a medium of backup technology that is particularly suitable for large scale businesses because it has a storage capacity of 1.5 Terabytes for native data. However, if a business wishes to extend the storage capacity then they may utilize the compression feature and store up to 2 Terabytes of data. The processing speed of the tape is remarkably high at 140 Megabytes’ per second. One of the most intriguing features of Quantum LTO5 tape was the partition feature. This fifth generation of Linear Tape Open technology introduced the partition feature and made backing up data more convenient. This feature allowed businesses to divide one single tape cartridge in two equal parts, this meant, that one tape could be used as two independent ones.

Quantum LTO5 tape also supported backwards compatibility, this meant if your business had older generations of Linear Tape Open technology installed you could read and write data from them to the new tape. Last but not the least, one very unique feature of the tape was its price. Most products in the industry with similar features were charging a very high price but Quantum is a brand for all businesses which is why they charge reasonable prices.
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  Published Date - March 27 2013
  Total Views - 66
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  Mr. Rob Miller
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