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DNS Providers Ease Networking Issues For All Internet Users

Dynamic DNS is a network service that makes it possible for a networked device e.g. a router or computer system that uses the Internet Protocol Suite, to notify the DNS to make changes in real time, the configuration of its hostnames, addresses and all other information. DNS providers offer a software client program that brings automation for the discovery and registration of public IP addresses of clients. This program is executed on a computer or device in the private network. It is connected to the systems of the service provider and after the IP address of the home network is discovered, it is linked with the name of the host in the domain name system. The hostname is normally registered within the domain owned by the provider or the customer’s own domain name depending on the DNS provider.

DNS provider services can function by a number of mechanisms. The most popular function of the DNS is to provide a residential user’s internet gateway that can be changed when required. Most often, an IP address with a known hostname can be resolved by sending queries through DNS and many times an HTTP service request is used. This is because even restrictive environments allow HTTP service quite easily and this is achieved via queries to the URLs of specially formatted http. This is because both the formats of the URLs and the response that is returned is standardized to run them even though they are used entirely on public internets. Routers of home networking systems have this already built into their firmware. If you want to change the DNS provider, you need to follow an important rule, which is to ensure that your old and new zones are absolutely similar when you begin the process. This will prevent the caching of errors and keep all users from obtaining results that are at conflict with each other.

DNS hosting services runs on the domain name system servers. However, not all domain name registrars include DNS hosting service along with their registration, but there are some free hosted DNS services. When the provider has many services in many geographical locations resulting in resilience and minimal latency for clients all around the world, the DNS hosting service is better. DNS software can also self host DNS by running it on general internet hosting services. For example, a residential user wishes to access his personal computer at home while he is traveling. If his home computer has a fixed IP address, the user is able to directly connect using the same. However, many provider networks compel that the IP address be changed frequently to what is configured. With a dynamic DNS service provider, the remote user can automatically associate its current IP address with a domain name and gain entry. As these public dynamic DNS services have been negatively exploited increasingly, its security is a huge issue and encryption has been resorted to protect it.

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  Published Date - January 20 2012
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  Mr. Gyan Ojha

Gyan Ojha The writer of this article is an experienced article writer and has published many articles on the web. His writings are included on the subjects like DNS provider and hosted DNS should be for your consideration.

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