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  • Hard Disk Recovery - Hard Drive Crash Post Dropping of Computer
  • [2010-03-30 ]
    There is nothing in this world that comes close to the expense of losing your important hard drive data. A hard drive contains all kinds of data, including pictures, videos, audios, and documents.... Read More...
  • Changing Active Partition Makes Windows Computer Unbootable and Cause File Loss
  • [2010-04-29 ]
    Is your Windows system unbootable after marking the primary partition active? Are you getting error message about missing system files at startup? This behavior indicates that critical boot files of your Windows computer are missing and it cannot boot up. ... Read More...
  • Resolving Booting Error Post NTFS.SYS Corruption
  • [2010-03-31 ]
    Reasons for the occurrence of a STOP error message could be many, including the corruption of NTFS.SYS file. The Windows system file stored in the C:\\Windows\\System32\\drivers folder can be corrupted due to various reasons.... Read More...
  • Access Database Corrupt Post Splitting
  • [2010-03-29 ]
    Unlike any other database, Microsoft Access database can also be split into two or more databases. In most cases, the database user stores the tables in one database.... Read More...
  • Resolving PST Backup Failure on a File Server
  • [2010-03-22 ]
    Never store Outlook PST (Personal Folder) file on network storage devices! That\'s what Microsoft suggests by stating that PST has not been designed for long-term and constant method of storing message... Read More...
  • Tips to Solve Unexpected Growth of EDB and STM files
  • [2010-03-29 ]
    Each mailbox store and public folder store of Microsoft Exchange Server is associated with two key files: EDB (Exchange database file) and STM (Streaming file).... Read More...
  • Recovery Process of Lost or Damaged Files
  • [2010-04-01 ]
    Do you regularly backup your valuable data on a reliable backup media? Do you have a disaster recovery strategy to safeguard against file loss? If your answer is \'No\' for any of these questions, you may encounter a number of file loss situations at any moment of time.... Read More...
  • Affordable and Trusted Data Recovery Services!
  • [2010-04-03 ]
    In today\'s technologically advanced world, data is like an asset to an organization. Safeguarding the data – operational, business or customer-related - has become the top priority of an organization.... Read More...
  • Corruption of NTFS System Files May Lead to Data Loss
  • [2010-04-12 ]
    File system of every computer contains a number of system files, which are used to carry out a number of operations. Each system file in the file system has equal importance and their proper functioning is required for the file system to work. ... Read More...
  • Recovering Exchange Database Corrupted due to Unsupported Product
  • [2010-03-18 ]
    When you upgrade Microsoft Exchange Server to a later version, the upgrade process first upgrades the database before copying any code of the later version to Exchange Server computer. ... Read More...
  • How to Fix Device Manager Errors in Microsoft Windows Vista?
  • [2010-03-29 ]
    Are you unable to boot your Microsoft Windows Vista computer, after upgrading from Windows XP? Do you encounter error message while accessing your Microsoft Windows Vista hard drive?... Read More...
  • Resolving “Page P_ID could not be processed...” Error Message
  • [2010-03-18 ]
    A PFS (Page Free Space) page in MS SQL Server database tracks free space available with the database. The page consists of a byte-map that further includes one byte for every page (P_ID) in the PFS in... Read More...
  • Missing/Damaged Msjter40.dll or Msrcl40.dll Files May Cause Access Database Corruption
  • [2010-03-18 ]
    Are you unable to open your Microsoft Access database that uses MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components)? Does Microsoft Access display configuration errors with the ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) d... Read More...
  • Tips to Resolve NTFS Error
  • [2010-03-29 ]
    Ntfs.sys file is one of the most important system file in Windows operating system. The file is located at C:\\Windows\\System32\\drivers. The main function of this driver file is that it allows the computer system to read and write the NTFS partitions. ... Read More...
  • Types of Hard Disk errors & its Data Recovery
  • [2010-03-19 ]
    Hard Disk is the most important part of your PC, which permanently stores all your data, applications & operating system.... Read More...
  • Free Recovery Software to Recover Lost Office Documents
  • [2010-03-07 ]
    Lost an important Office files? Don\'t worry! Wondershare Office Recovery, a free recovery tool, can help you recover office documents of all applications and PDF files, including Microsoft Word, Excel... Read More...
  • Data Loss in Windows 7 System Post BIOS Upgradation
  • [2010-03-03 ]
    A system BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) is a first program that is executed when you turn on your system. It ensures that the chips, ports, hard disks, video display card, and CPU (Central Processing Unit) are working together.... Read More...
  • How to Solve Exchange Server service-specific error 3355443752?
  • [2010-03-02 ]
    Exchange Server administrators often prefer online restore in case the Pub.edb or Priv.edb file gets corrupted.... Read More...
  • Resolving \' Private Information Store (Database_Name) is a corrupt file\' Exchange Error
  • [2010-03-02 ]
    Exchange Private Information Store is Priv.edb file. This file is the only copy of messages and other database items that are stored in users\' mailboxes. When this file becomes corrupt, you may observ... Read More...
  • How to Determine Hard Drive Failure and Fix It?
  • [2010-03-03 ]
    Determining the hard drive failure is not always the easiest thing to do. A number of hard drive failures evident themselves quite obviously and clearly other are rather more insidious.... Read More...
  • Data recovery helping to prevent loss data
  • [2010-02-24 ]
    Technology today has touched every part of our lives and revolutionized every single thing.... Read More...
  • How to Resolve NTFS Boot Sector Corruption?
  • [2010-02-19 ]
    NTFS (New Technology File System), the latest file system of Windows operating system was developed to overcome the shortcomings of FAT system.... Read More...
  • Recovering Data Post ““A kernel file is missing..”” Error on an NTFS system
  • [2010-03-04 ]
    Kernel is the central part of the operating system, responsible for establishing communication of various programs and data processing applications with the hardware in a secure manner. It manages the system\'s resources and bridges the gap between hardware and software components of the system. ... Read More...
  • Stop Error in Windows 7 post device driver damage
  • [2010-02-17 ]
    A device driver (also known as software driver) is a program, which interacts and controls with the hardware device attached to your computer system. Few common hardware devices for which a normal computer user installs a driver are printers, diskette drives, and displays.... Read More...
  • DLL file corruption in Windows 7
  • [2010-02-11 ]
    DLL (Data Link Library) files form an important part of Windows operating system. These files are codded with various functions, which can be easily called from an executable code. Corruption in DLL files results into a booting error message, which makes the data saved in the hard drive inaccessible.... Read More...
  • Get Rid of Dangerous“Blue Screen Of Death”
  • [2010-02-12 ]
    Apart from all other errors that Windows come across, STOP error ( also known as Blue Screen of Death) is the most confusing and frustrating error, which causes the system to become unbootable.... Read More...
  • Silly Human Mistakes Causing Data Loss
  • [2010-02-12 ]
    Ever wondered who contributes the most to data loss? Surprisingly, humans beings! Various researches and observations indicate human errors form the largest contributors to data loss. ... Read More...
  • Recovery of Data from Physically Damaged USB Drive
  • [2010-02-12 ]
    Removable storage mediums are portable forms of the standard hard drives that can store data in any form;, music, video, documents, etc. ... Read More...
  • How to Recover Data When Hard Drive is Diagnosed as Dead?
  • [2010-01-29 ]
    Hard drive is the most significant component of your computer system, which is the repository of all your valuable data, operating system, and applications.... Read More...
  • 7 Physical Damage situations for Windows 7
  • [2010-01-25 ]
    Data stored in the hard drive gets inaccessible when it gets corrupted due to logical or physical crashes. While data lost from a logically corrupted hard drive.... Read More...
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