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  • Tips to Solve Event ID 901 in Exchange Server
  • [2010-06-09 ]
    A corrupted Exchange Server database can be a result of network problems, database size issues, hardware-related concerns, log file corruption, and the most common, dirty shutdown.... Read More...
  • How To Surpass Partition Table Corruption?
  • [2010-06-09 ]
    For systematically booting a Windows-based computer system, two things that must exist are \'MBR (Master Boot Record)\' and \'Partition Table\'. ... Read More...
  • Recovering data from an NTFS-based USB drive
  • [2010-05-29 ]
    Most of you must be aware of the file systems that are used in Windows systems. They are either FAT or NTFS file systems. Of these two, the NTFS file system is preferred more than FAT these days as it is more secure, provides file encryption, allows file compression, etc.... Read More...
  • Lost data from a USB drive using CHKDSK in Windows Vista...recover them now
  • [2010-05-28 ]
    How many times you have found your friends or relatives always cribbing how they lost any data from their hard drives or any other storage media. In fact, you have yourself faced this situation many a times.... Read More...
  • Recovering data in case of Unmountable Boot Volume error in Windows XP
  • [2010-05-28 ]
    As an extensive user, I usually take lots of precautions to safeguard my system against various safety threats. Because, as you may know, no matter how much measures you take there is some or the other reasons that can make you lose the data.... Read More...
  • How to Recover Data From a Damaged Quorum Disk in Windows?
  • [2010-05-28 ]
    In Microsoft Windows clustering environment, you can create quorum disk to sort out the tie-break situations if voting set of the nodes disagree on current cluster state.... Read More...
  • Unmatched LCID Cause Exchange Server Database Corruption
  • [2010-05-28 ]
    Microsoft Windows operating system uses LCID (Locale ID) to identify a specific language. LCID is a 32-bit value, which consists of language ID, reserved bits, and sort ID. Every language has a differ... Read More...
  • RAID 1 failure and recovery options in India
  • [2010-05-28 ]
    RAID 1 uses a technology called mirroring and requires a minimum of two drives of exactly the same size. ... Read More...
  • Memory Card Logical Corruption and Errors
  • [2010-05-28 ]
    Digital camera, the most efficient way to take crystal clear digital pictures, uses memory cards to store pictures that you shoot.... Read More...
  • How to Fix Dynamic Volume with \'Failed\' Status
  • [2010-05-28 ]
    Windows users usually implement dynamic disk when they need to span a volume across multiple disks. As the name suggests, dynamic disks are meant to provide dynamic storage environment.... Read More...
  • How to Recover Exchange Server Information Store in a Single Site ?
  • [2010-05-26 ]
    In MS Exchange Server there are several factors that can damage the Exchange Database Server components and may make it unusable.... Read More...
  • Some tips for minimizing chances of performing tape data recovery
  • [2010-05-26 ]
    Use tape data recovery software for resolving any tape corruption situation that result in data loss.... Read More...
  • Recovering the Hard-Deleted Files
  • [2010-05-26 ]
    I believe most of you, like me that is, have gone through the pain of losing your valuable files and folders while using your computer system. There could be several reasons for this kind of lapse such as emptying the Recycle Bin... Read More...
  • MSBlast.exe Caused Corrupted System During SP Download
  • [2010-05-26 ]
    Damage caused due to worms and viruses is unparallel. MSBlast.exe is one of the worms that can infect any Windows computer that is connected via network. It exploits a known DCOM RPC vulnerability of Windows XP and Windows 2000 operating systems..... Read More...
  • NTFS File System Compression Errors Can Cause Partition Loss
  • [2010-05-26 ]
    Microsoft Windows operating system enables you to compress files, directories, and programs for decreasing their size and reducing amount of disk space used by them on hard drive volume or removable media. ... Read More...
  • Resolving - No transport provider was available - Error in Outlook
  • [2010-05-26 ]
    Under some circumstances, you may not be able to send an email from your MS Outlook account after corruption to the PST file and you come across the error message - “No transport provider was availabl... Read More...
  • CHKDSK Fails To Repair FAT32 File System
  • [2010-05-26 ]
    FAT32, like any other file system can get corrupted due to various reasons, like improper system shutdown, virus infection, operating system malfunction, and many more similar reasons.... Read More...
  • Windows Freezes after Loading mup.sys during Boot Process
  • [2010-05-26 ]
    Windows lockup issues that freeze your computer while booting can turn to be one of the most frustrating experiences. The mup.sys hangs is one of them that you can encounter while attempting to load... Read More...
  • How to Resolve \'IN_PAGE_ERROR\' Running Microsoft Office Setup
  • [2010-05-26 ]
    File system and hard disk issues can root from a variety of problems, including power outages, improper system maintenance, virus infection, human errors, and hardware problems. ... Read More...
  • Recover data from hard drives in event of head crash
  • [2010-05-26 ]
    Over the years, with advancement in technology, hard disks have got smaller and better. ... Read More...
  • Hard disk failure and data recovery options in India
  • [2010-05-26 ]
    Hard drive failure is an unavoidable reality in today\'s technologically advanced era. Imagining such an event is tough if we take into account staggering rates with which data is growing. ... Read More...
  • Fixing “(42)Startup Error...” Error at Windows Vista Startup
  • [2010-05-20 ]
    Like any other operating system users, Windows Vista users also encounter various startup errors. In most cases, these error messages are caused due to human mistakes, like improper system shutdown, installation of freeware programs (that contain virus), and more.... Read More...
  • Changing Active Partition Using Disk Management Makes Windows Unbootable
  • [2010-05-20 ]
    Every computer system has a boot or system partition, which contains the operating system. This partition is used by your system to boot up and load the operating system in main memory.... Read More...
  • Recovering NTFS Partitions Corrupted due to Missing $UsnJrnl or $LogFile file
  • [2010-05-20 ]
    You must have noticed many times that your Windows system becomes too slow and takes too much time to start. This happens because the NTFS file system of Windows system has become corrupted due to various reasons.... Read More...
  • How to Recover Files Deleted Due to VBS.Pub Virus?
  • [2010-05-20 ]
    Worms and viruses often act as beasts for your valuable data. In recent years, worm writers have developed many scripts that can circulate through e-mails and can delete your entire hard drive files and folders.... Read More...
  • How to Repair Oversize Corrupt EDB file in MS Exchange Server 2003 ?
  • [2010-05-20 ]
    sometimes When the EDB file can get corrupt due to various reasons such as virus infections, human errors, database header corruption, quitting Exchange server unexpectedly and you are unable to mount... Read More...
  • Perform Notes to Outlook conversion efficiently
  • [2010-05-28 ]
    Always use Kernel for Lotus Notes to Outlook software for migrating from Lotus Notes to Outlook to alleviate any technical issues.... Read More...
  • Error 10008 when using mailmig.exe for Lotus Notes conversion
  • [2010-05-28 ]
    If you want seamless email migration from Lotus Notes to Outlook, then use Lotus Notes conversion software.... Read More...
  • Resolving A Transport database operation has encountered a fatal error. Error
  • [2010-05-20 ]
    Sometimes Microsoft Exchange Transport Service fails to start due to corruption of ESE database.... Read More...
  • Repairing corrupt Outlook due to virus infections
  • [2010-05-18 ]
    In MS outlook When sometime we try to open an attachment, it fails to open and display an error message on the screen: “Your Anti-Virus software has blocked the file you were trying to open\... Read More...
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