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Simple and complex roulette strategies and how to automate them?

Most of you know about roulette strategies based on red/black betting based on Martingale progression. In this case all is very easy to understand about the risks are involved in this method but finally I want to say that this will be the method or strategy tried every newbie. Related to if it is bad or good then I will say next: for a newbie this is the first strategy he should try but for an experienced online roulette player this method may be combined with some advanced features like: breakpoints feature and real time game analyze with suggested color to bet by player which will allow you to change dynamically his current strategy.
What I mean when I refer to real time analyze?
So first of all the player should analyze the game once the roulette tool follow your strategy and once the roulette tool have some breakpoints on which it will stop and will wait for your decision.
So exist a roulette tool called Red and Black Roulette Studio and let use it for our example. As you know Martingale method involve risk so let decide how to be and what additional methods to use in order to minimize this risk. First of all I will recommend using of breakpoints and this mean on some points during the game to change real time the strategy you will use and this for sure this will give you a big advantage against online roulette. Another very useful rule is to test any of your new strategies using our real money simulator. Once you will follow these rules you will be always protected and never will lose.
All is very simple. Our real money simulator simple will not allow you to play once your strategy can lose. So this is one of the main advantages have our products and this is why all our customers like our products because all them was made exactly for the players and not for the casinos like other online roulette sellers do. Now we can move forward and I want to tell you about a bit complex roulette strategy.In this case we will use as example Dozen/Column Roulette Systems Studio. If in the first example we described and talked about Martingale roulette system then here I will talk about betting on columns or dozens using Fibonacci progression. This method have a lower risk but with the help of breakpoint module and using real money simulator the result can be much better even if the money making speed is lower. Finally this doesnít matter, because all is 100% automated and all the player should do is to watch on the screen and to control his game.
Now is the time to tell you about very complex roulette strategies. So what I mean by very complex roulette strategy?
Let imagine a roulette strategy where on a every spin exist an analyze module which decide what to bet and this decision is based on the last landed number or even on the last landed sequence of numbers. In case you have in mind a such roulette strategy then only Roulette Scripter Studio can help you and in case this strategy involve more than 10 dynamic variables then only Roulette Scripter Studio PRO can help you. Both last products are based on scripting so this mean you will need to write for your own strategy a script and in case you donít have scripting knowledge but you know exactly what you want, then you can rent from us a coder which will write for you exactly the script will automate 100% your idea.
As you see we have everything can help you to automate your own roulette strategy starting from simple online roulette strategies and ending with complex roulette strategies and even products which can work with Live Roulette and No Zero Roulette Without House Edge and the last best news is that we have them for next platforms: Playtech, Real Time Gaming, BetVoyager, Microgaming. If you want to know more search Money Maker Machine on Google.
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  Published Date - December 19 2010
  Total Views - 356
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  Mr. William Deluca
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