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Cleaning Concrete The Green Way


Although many people are aware of the health risks toxic cleaning chemicals pose, they are still used for a number of cleaning jobs to keep businesses clean and deodorized. Aside from harming humans, these cleaners also negatively impact the environment, including plants and animals. This is why a number of people are now turning to new green cleaning techniques.

The term "green cleaning products" refers to a wide range of organic cleaners sourced from nature and free of toxic components commonly found in commercial cleaners. In addition to offering excellent cleaning results, using these non-toxic cleaners also guarantees that harmful residues are left on surfaces or released into the environment. Most importantly, these cleaners are safe for use around people, as well as plant and animal life.

To understand the cleaning power of these natural cleaners, let us consider a specific application, cleaning concrete surfaces. Removing a stain from a concrete surface can be very difficult and time consuming. Even cleaning professionals will agree that it is almost impossible to restore a concrete surface to its original state if it has been stained. This is exactly why you must use advanced green cleaning chemicals enhanced with rust and stain removers.

Natural cleaners such as green carpet cleaners and concrete cleaners are concentrated, plant-based solutions that provide superior cleaning power to effectively remove grease, rust, dirt, stains, or mildew from concrete surfaces. Moreover, these cleaning solutions also aggressively fight hydrocarbon deposits like oil, fats, sugar, proteins, and grease. Green cleaners formulated for cleaning concrete are ideal for cleaning a wide range of surfaces like garage floors, parking areas, basements, sidewalks, driveways, brick, and pavers. Since these formulas are eco-friendly and biodegradable, they can also be used to clean indoor concrete surfaces.

The best formulas available are concentrated, providing optimum value for consumers. For light-duty cleaning applications, you can use these green chemicals in the diluted form. For extremely challenging cleaning jobs, it is highly recommended that you use the cleaner in the concentrated form. For instance, instead of using harsh chemicals to eliminate rust stains from your sidewalks, quickly remove stubborn rust and other stains with concentrated green cleaning products.

One erroneous criticism plagues green chemicals, that they are not as powerful as toxic commercial chemicals. This is one reason why many commercial and industrial users still opt for harmful solutions to this day. However, this simply isn't true. Organic cleaners utilize specialized nano-sized molecules to penetrate and breakdown the molecules of dirt, grease, rust, and other residues. By effectively emulsifying dirt, grease, and rust in water, green cleaners ensure the complete and permanent removal of virtually all residues. 

Learn more about the wide variety of green solutions available for virtually all applications by contacting a trusted green cleaning chemical supplier.


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  Published Date - February 15 2010
  Total Views - 175
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  Ms. Lauren Zwiebel
Daimer industry is manufacturer of non toxic cleaning chemicals, green cleaning product, and windshield washer. These cleaning chemicals are used widely in mobile car wash, steam cleaning, pressure washer and many more application.
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