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Benefits Of Hiring Nanny Services

A nanny plays a vital role in the healthy upbringing and emotional development of a child. Hiring a nanny who meets the requirements of a family is a time consuming, yet important, process that needs to be handled carefully. A nanny takes good care of your child’s health and education by organizing productive activities, encouraging learning and promoting good behavior. Also, hiring the services of a nanny allows working parents to productively focus on their work without having to worry about the safety and health of their children.

Maximize Your Time

Hiring a nanny can significantly reduce the stress of parents, who also have to devote time to their job. Working parents can rely on nannies to take care of their children in the event of emergency meetings at their offices, or if extended office hours become necessary. Parents can also effectively manage their time as their nanny may take care of their children's daily routine such as preparing breakfast for their children, getting them for school, packing their lunch, engaging them in productive activities, etc... Working parents can properly concentrate on their work as they can remain assured that their child is getting personalized care and attention. Even in case of emergencies, like sudden illness of a child, parents can remain assured that their nanny will take good care of their child, allowing the parent or parents to concentrate on their job while their nanny concentrates on their child.

Helpful For Child Development

By hiring a nanny, parents can make sure that their child gets personalized care and attention. Unlike daycare, a nanny can effectively take care of emotional needs of a child, as individual attention is paid to him/her. Also, it is beneficial for a child as he/she feels more comfortable and secure in their own homes playing with their toys, sleeping in their own bed, etc... Nannies help children learn by working on reading, writing, assisting with homework, and other activities which will better prepare them for school when the time comes. Nannies, through their knowledge and abilities, help children in developing appropriate skills and good morals and values. A nanny with her expertise and skill of handling children can effectively observe the child’s nature and behave accordingly that can bring out hidden talents in a child. A nanny can keep a constant watch on the activities of a child and notice any change in the child’s nature and behavior. Thus, nannies can help in overall upbringing of a child by developing his/her emotional, educational, social, and language skills.


Hiring a nanny can be a more cost-effective option than sending their child to a daycare center. The services of a nanny who takes care of 2-4 children can cost less as compared to a daycare. Also, keeping children at home will decrease the frequency of the child getting sick as they will be less exposed to germs on a regular basis. Hiring a nanny who can perform other daily chores such as doing laundry, preparing meals and tidying up the house, apart from taking care of child, can help save a considerable amount of money.

Tax Paying Benefits

Parents who employ a nanny to take care of their children fall under the category of ‘household employer’ and have to follow tax and labor laws at both Federal and state level. However, legally hiring a nanny can give considerable tax benefits. Parents can save taxes by creating a Flexible Savings Account (FSA) or Dependant Care Account (DCA) with the help of company they are employed in. This account allows parents to set aside $5000 as pre-tax amount that is free from any social security, medical care, and state or Federal withholdings. This account can give significant tax benefits of around $2300. Should companies not offer FSA, parents can opt for another form of saving called Child Care Tax Credit that gives 20% tax credit for childcare expenses up to $3000 for one dependant. This can save around $600. It can be further extended if the family has more than one dependant.

As a nanny takes care of your child in your absence, it is important that a nanny has good personality traits, education, skills, temperament etc. Also, a nanny facilitates development of feeling of trust, emotional attachment and affection within a child during his/her early years. Thus, hiring a nanny means convenience and peace of mind for parents as they are assured that their child is in safe and secure hands.
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  Mr. Nate Rodnay
Crunch Care is the premier caregiver staffing service in South Florida. We pride ourselves in our flexibility and ability to fulfill almost any type of home based companion needs. If you are looking for nanny agencies in South Florida or South Florida nannies, we believe we are your best choice.
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