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Mrs. Sarah James

Mrs. Sarah James

Author URL -
Author Statistics :~
Registered : Member since 2009-02-25
Total Points : 90
Location : United Kingdom
Total Submitted Articles : 21
Approved Articles : 18
Pending Articles : 0
Rejected Articles : 3
List of Recently Approved & All Articles by :~ Mrs. Sarah James
1. What is GIS Software? Approved on 2009-12-16
Article Summary :~ GIS, or graphic information system software, can help businesses in many ways. The label GIS applies to a large group of different type of software that can help different businesses in different ways. GIS software can be defined as any software used develop, analyze, manage, or view data from a digital map.
Category : Computers & Technology Software Total Views : 257 1 votes, average: 5 out of 5
2. The Importance of High Quality Product Photography Approved on 2009-08-17
Article Summary :~ As the old saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Never has this more true than in product photography. A single picture of a product provides a wealth of information instantly – informat
Category : Arts & Entertainment Photography Total Views : 419 2 votes, average: 2.5 out of 5
3. Prague The Perfect Vacation Spot Approved on 2009-07-17
Article Summary :~ Prague is not strange to the tourism world. Featured in many movies including the new “James Bond” movie “Casino Royale”, Prague is the best tourist attraction with many historic tourist spots such as
Category : Travel & Tourism Vacation Rentals Total Views : 366 0 votes, average: out of 5
4. Five Tips for Credit Collections Approved on 2009-07-16
Article Summary :~ In this time of recession and tight credit markets collecting company debts on time has become even more important.
Category : Finance Credit Total Views : 374 1 votes, average: 4 out of 5
5. The Foundations of Social Work Approved on 2009-07-16
Article Summary :~ Social work is defined as the organized work which is intended to improve or advance the social conditions of a society or community.
Category : Self Improvement Happiness Total Views : 384 0 votes, average: out of 5
6. What is Plastic Injection Molding Approved on 2009-07-14
Article Summary :~ It is likely that you have found this article on your computer; your computer is a perfect example of injection molding.
Category : Business International Business Total Views : 364 1 votes, average: 4 out of 5
7. Five Great Long Distance Walking Routes in Scotland Approved on 2009-07-14
Article Summary :~ Scotland has become a mecca for hill walkers over the years due to the great scenery and unspoilt landscapes. In recent years it has also become popular for long distance walking holidays, this has be
Category : Travel & Tourism Adventure Travel Total Views : 380 3 votes, average: 1 out of 5
8. What are Pilgrimages Approved on 2009-07-10
Article Summary :~ A pilgrimage is an invitation from God to take a walk or to travel a route toward a sacred place to which the pilgrim is ushered into the presence of God.
Category : Travel & Tourism Family Travel Total Views : 349 0 votes, average: out of 5
9. This History Present And Future Of GIS Approved on 2009-06-26
Article Summary :~ This is the era of fast technological advancements. Considering the growth of technologies in different sectors, the communication field is the fastest growing one.
Category : Online Business Social Bookmarking Total Views : 419 3 votes, average: 1.33 out of 5
10. Medical Tourism is on the Increase Approved on 2009-06-06
Article Summary :~ More than 45 million Americans have no health insurance and can’t afford surgery within the US. Many of these are now travelling abroad for medical treatment due solely to the cost.
Category : Health & Fitness Medicine Total Views : 261 0 votes, average: out of 5
11. What Is The Need Of GIS Approved on 2009-06-04
Article Summary :~ GIS is not a strange word in today’s modern world. The Geographic information systems (GIS) have become indispensable to all the businesses and organizations out there in this Planet.
Category : Business marketing Total Views : 333 0 votes, average: out of 5
12. The Top 3 Benefits Of Medical Tourism Approved on 2009-05-27
Article Summary :~ Before getting into the benefits of medical tourism, let’s see what it is all about. Effective healthcare is the most important aspect to be considered in everyone’s life.
Category : Health & Fitness Medicine Total Views : 259 0 votes, average: out of 5
13. The Satisfaction Of Walking Holidays Approved on 2009-05-22
Article Summary :~ Walking Holidays are invigorating for the soul and body. After a hard days walking in the mountains you mind is more relaxed and your body has the exercise it needs to stay fit and healthy.
Category : Travel & Tourism Holiday Vacations Total Views : 18242 5 votes, average: 1 out of 5
14. Plastic Injection Moulding Explained Approved on 2009-05-04
Article Summary :~ You will be well aware what moulding is. Moulding can be precisely defined as giving a particular shape to something in a molten or plastic state. Plastics are widely used today
Category : Business marketing Total Views : 342 1 votes, average: 3 out of 5
15. The Next Generation Technology of Privacy Glass Approved on 2009-03-24
Article Summary :~ Advancements in technology are everywhere today. These advancements in technology have lead to a breakthrough in home and office design.
Category : Home & Family Decorating Total Views : 346 0 votes, average: out of 5
16. All about Credit Control Approved on 2009-03-24
Article Summary :~ New business owners around this Planet have the common habit of offering credits to many customers without any credit management or control.
Category : Finance Credit Total Views : 409 0 votes, average: out of 5
17. 3 Tips for Effective Internet Marketing Approved on 2009-03-24
Article Summary :~ Effective Internet marketing is becoming tougher as thousands of new websites are popped up everyday. Many Internet marketers feel it to be an uphill task to get their websites noticed by the surfers.
Category : Online Business Internet Marketing Total Views : 293 0 votes, average: out of 5
18. 3 Factors To Be Considered For Window Replacement Approved on 2009-03-05
Article Summary :~ From the security of the home to comfort, everything depends on the windows. It is a well known fact that the windows play a vital role in the air conditioning of the room.
Category : Home Improvement Windows Total Views : 400 0 votes, average: out of 5
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