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Arimidex 1mg -- An Effective Solution For Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is among many types of cancers people suffer from. Cancer of breast depends predominantly on the estrogen -- the hormone responsible for developing female sexual and reproductive qualities. It is important to act immediately on finding a lump on your breast. Consult a medical professional for expert advice. Taking proper medication is essential in fighting the condition.

How Does Arimidex Work?

Breast cancer in postmenopausal women is caused by estrogen, as breast cancer is responsive to this hormone. As a result, the growth of tumor is detected. The tumor has receptors on the external surface of its cells into which estrogen fits. When this link is made, the tumor turns into cancer.

Arimidex 1mg works by inhibiting aromatase -- the enzymes that make estrogen. This reduces the amount of the female hormone in the body. Once the production of estrogen is decreased, the growth of breast cancer is slowed down. This treatment is known as hormonal therapy. The use of Arimidex for treatment of breast cancer is for postmenopausal women only. The medication is taken for a total of five years for effective results.

Side-effects to Expect

You may experience certain side-effects that you must report to your oncologist or prescriber as early as possible. Some of these include problematic breathing, leg swelling and/or pain, vaginal bleeding, vomiting, and other unusual symptoms. Other consequences that do not necessitate medical attention unless they insist are throat infection, headache, loss of appetite, bone pain, stomachache, weight gain, dizziness, and excessive sweating.

Before taking Arimidex 1mg, you must discuss with your healthcare expert regarding your medical background as well as current medical routine. Supplementary medicines, herbal products, and non-prescription drugs need to be disclosed. Phytoestrogens, estrogens found in plants, may be unsafe for use.

Buy the Medication Online

Arimidex 1mg can be easily purchased online from a trusted medical supplier. When the medicine needs to be taken for the next 5 years, it is certainly going to be costly. You can certainly beat the price by purchasing it online at a discounted rate. Many Canadian-based internet pharmacies retail medical drugs at a much lesser price than in the US. You can also conveniently and confidentially buy Arimidex 1mg since you donít have to deal with anyone in person. It is extremely important that the online seller is reputable in the industry.

Arimidex 1mg is certainly a more preferred alternative to chemotherapy. It is one of the most powerful drugs around as it fights breast cancer. It is highly advisable that you do not attempt to consume the medicine without the knowledge of a qualified oncologist. With proper supervision and support from your loved ones, you are sure to witness a noticeable improvement in your condition.
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About Author
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  Published Date - January 29 2013
  Total Views - 44
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  Mr. John Mayer
John Mayer is skilled author of Health Care Industry and writes articles on online arimidex 1mg and arimidex 1mg for breast cancer in canada.
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